Members: Steve, Nic, Darin, Jesse and CJ

Minnesota indie-rockers  - Nudecolors was formed in 2012 under the name Medical Underground. They'e been compared to The Killers, Talking Heads and Modest Mouse. They've been named Best Band at Homegrown Music Festival two years in a row and have had positive reviews from their E.P. "Paradise" which is available in stores now. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


PARADISE was recorded at Scratch Studios in Duluth, MN by a bearded madman named Rob Oesterlin. It is their first release as a band.

PARADISE is about living in this beautiful, f***ed up world.

It starts with the contagious and uplifting rhythms of (h e a t); moving into the 90’s grunge-punk inspired (b e t t e r t h i n g s); fading into the soulful, rock ballad title track (p a r a d i s e); rising out of the ashes into the seductive journey of (d n c e f l r); and into the cavernous depths of (m e s s) for the finale. An adventurous five track album that hits hard every time you listen to it.